Wednesday, March 3, 2010

California Trip

The day before we flew out to California, BJ's dad had a layover in Cincinnati and was able to stay with us one night.  It was so much fun to go out to dinner with him and talk with him for the evening.  Before Drake went to bed we turned off all the lights and played "hide and go seek" with grandpa!  It was so much fun!  The three boys are relaxing in this picture while they are watching "Thomas the Train."  The next morning (2/24/10) we all got up really early and drove to the airport.  We had to fly out to CA at 8:00 and grandpa had to fly out at 9:30.  It was fun to be able to spend time with grandpa!  Drake was so excited b/c we bought him a "Diego" back pack to take on the airplane.  He loved to pull it behind was pretty cute!
It has been so fun being in California with my family.  I wish we didn't live so far away!  Drake, BJ, and I got here last Wed.  BJ left today (Sunday) to go back to Cincinnati and Drake and I are staying until Wed.  It is such a long flight that we usually don't come unless we can stay for at least one week.  I am sad that BJ had to leave but it will be fun to stay a few more days.  We had Cole come and play with Drake on Thurs, Fri and Sat.  On Saturday Keri came with Kaleb to come hang out for the night.  I always enjoy talking with Keri.  Drake had a lot of fun playing with Cole.  It is crazy watching two 2 yr olds!  They both run opposite directions.  They enjoyed chasing each other and stealing each other's toys.  Cute boys!

It was so wonderful to see both mom and dad give lessons on Sunday.  Keri and I went to dad's lesson in the morning while mom watched the boys...thanks mom!  The lesson was on recognizing/feeling the spirit.  It was wonderful.  I always feel energized when I listen to my parents teach/speak b/c they are so inspiring.  After dad's lesson we went home and rescued mom from the boys and then went to listen to mom give her gospel doctrine lesson.  She is a great teacher and her lesson was awesome about Lot and Abraham.  On Monday we went to Keri's house to visit for the day.  It was fun to see all her new decorations and projects that she is involved in.  She is so talented and has such a cute family!  Drake acts like he is at Disneyland when he visits Keri's house.  There are fun boys to be with and a huge playroom that he loves.  He talks about Keri's house even when he leaves.  He enjoys Hunter (their huge lab) and calls him "Clifford the big Red dog!"  Drake had so much fun with his cousins!

The Girls!  We had fun hanging out together.  I sure wish we lived closer!

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  1. Hey Joni!

    Just visiting from the OCM website! It was fun to see you at Gold's a while back. I noticed you have Mike and Annie Miller listed in your link list. How do you know them? I went to high school with Annie. Small world! Hope all is well!